About Online Guitar Lessons

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Do You Want The Best Instruction Possible To Help You Reach YOUR Goals On Guitar?

Of course you want the best. At this moment, you have come to the internet in the hopes of finding the absolute BEST way to reach your goals on the guitar. This might be because:

• You do not want to be limited by the playing OR teaching ability of lesson instructors who you happen to be geographically living near, when the world’s best is available to you online.

• You correctly assume that technology has made available to you a more convenient, more efficient, and even less expensive way to learn the instrument, all the way to the expert level.

• You have done some searching online and found free instruction, but the chaos and overwhelm you’ve experienced by the glut of often poor information (not to mention the process of trying to self-assign the best next step) is undermining your progress.

This Is The Best Online Guitar Lesson Program In The World



But how could it get easier than plopping down and searching YouTube for what I want to know?

IMAGINE IF new lessons were consistently delivered to your email inbox every few days from an instructor whose quality lessons you had grown to trust, with whom you had personally corresponded, described YOUR goals, and conveyed YOUR individual strengths and weaknesses on guitar.

Every lesson provided via email to Guitar Black Belt students comes with not just how-to information (in stunning HD video), but also pages of .pdf’s of all written materials associated with the subject, and backing tracks playable at numerous, increasing speeds so that you can implement what you learn, and master the material for use in any situation.


Learning over the internet is appealing for the convenience, but how can it compare to the consistency of sitting down with a teacher every week, face-to-face?

Consistency is absolutely essential to your progress as a player. That’s why our #1 priority is to consistently supply you with new material every few days, and also to supply you, like clockwork, with opportunities to implement what you’re learning.

NOTE: This system is for players who are serious about their playing, and about reaching their goals on the guitar. To whatever extent you may be fearing “not practicing,” you WILL face the same issue with a face-to-face instructor.

This is exactly why we simultaneously provide material designed to help you remain that self-starting, motivated student that will follow through to your goals. Most teachers do not offer such supplemental information to help you learn how to learn, and continue to love the process.


Can I really learn over the internet?

Arguably, these lessons are MORE EFFECTIVE. Advantages include:

Saved Time. For a few reasons…

1. You are specifically given the exact material you need to practice next, as well as the written materials and backing tracks to do so in a fun, easy way.

2. You do not have to wait a week to have your questions answered; you can immediately log onto the forum and have your question answered by either your instructor, or more advanced students who have been through your lesson material themselves.

3. Your “commute” is only the few steps from your guitar to your computer chair!  If your teacher lived only 10 minutes away, then 20 minutes would be spent traveling.  You could be through all your new material and practicing in that time with Guitar Black Belt.

Saved Money. Not only are these lessons more effective for all the reasons here, but you save money over the cost of your other options.  How?

1. You might spend $30 to $60 or more each week on in-person lessons (on top of gas).  This amounts to a monthly cost of $120-240 plus. Guitar Black Belt is LESS THAN ONE-THIRD AS EXPENSIVE AND

2. You will receive MUCH MORE MATERIAL than you would in a private lesson.  Your content arrives every few days, in bite-sized pieces, in exactly the area you need to focus next, but amounts to much more than could reasonably be covered in-depth in a single weekly lesson.

3. Never spend money on a lesson again in which the teacher is reviewing material already covered.  All covered materials are available to you for review at any time.  The answers to all of your questions in the forum will be there for you to revisit forever as well.

Pause/repeat viewing. Allows you to take new information in as slowly as necessary or re-listen for clarity.

Ability to return to prior lessons to refresh on skills covered earlier. This is impossible with in-person lessons.  In fact, you’ll be wasting the cost of a week’s lesson reviewing anything you’ve forgotten.

Organization. If you take in-person lessons for awhile, it becomes harder and harder to organize all of the materials you have covered.  Searching your collection of papers, books, and sheet music for that one thing you want to review becomes a real problem.  With Guitar Black Belt, your materials are all stored online, categorized by topic and level, and searchable like Google.  You may print and misplace them, but they’ll always be there to reprint.

Customization To YOU

How will you address MY SPECIFIC NEEDS as a player if I’m just a faceless student over the internet?



Can I really get all the way to where I want to be with you?

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Here Is What You Will Receive:

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Here’s What Students Are Saying:

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To begin, take our “Belt Test.”  In order to get to know your needs, Greg would like to know more about your current level of guitar knowledge.  After taking the evaluation, Greg will email you a custom, in-depth analysis of YOUR answers, and insights about where your playing strengths and weaknesses may lie, as well as your best course going forward. Click the button below, and the Belt Test will begin on the next page.

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